About Asphalt MD

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Asphalt MD offers asphalt maintenance and repair services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.   Our trained technicians are supported by ownership with over 25 years of highway and parking lot construction and maintenance experience.  We are committed to providing the best available repair products to our clients and insure their proper application to maximize the life cycle of your pavement.  Asphalt crack repair, commercial line striping, driveway sealer and residential driveway repair.

We provide affordable and timely repair and maintenance services in a professional manner.  As our core focus is on maintenance and repair of pavements we do not offer new paving, which allows faster response to client requests at a more affordable price.

Our valued employees will show up on time as scheduled. Depending on the service(s) requested, we will lock down the work area with cones/caution tape, clean and prep all surfaces to receive treatment, perform requested work and finally cleanup and disposal of any work generated debris.

As the owner, you have my commitment that we will only use the highest quality products installed in compliance the manufacturers recommendations at an affordable and fair price.  We will do it the right way, on each and every job, that way we won’t just earn your business, but your repeat business.  Let us be your Colorado Springs asphalt repair specialists.


Mark Harger